State Wide Music Launches

Upstate New York publisher and promoter, Herby One, announces transition from Herby One Presents (h1p) to State Wide Music (SWM), a new full service live music production company with a strong cooperative focus.

Fans of the Upstate and Western NY music scene are well familiar with Herby One.  From the inception of Herby’s publication, The Revolving Door in 1998 (to 2004) and through the start of the following and continuing UpstateLive Music Guide (2008 to present), the goal has always been to help promote musicians and their crafts and also to serve the fans of live music by being a great source of in depth music news. UpstateLive is published 8 times yearly and features news, reviews, previews, advertisements and directories related to musical happenings across the state.   Herby also is responsible for a variety of shows and events throughout the year, perhaps most notably his summer festivals.

Up until recently, shows and events were conceptualized under the umbrella of Herby’s production company, Herby One Presents.  These shows include the annual Upstate Boogie and Fiddlers Picnic in addition to a multitude of performances in the off season at a host of different venues in Upstate NY.  On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, Herby conceptualized a new live music production company under the name State Wide Music.  State Wide Music will serve much the same function as Herby One Presents always has, but seeks to incorporate a more comprehensive approach to event production by showcasing a team of professionals along side Herby who are well versed in the industry and dedicated to the cause.

“State Wide Music, to me, has already been a functioning entity for some time now. Although I’ve been producing events the past 3 years under the Herby One Presents name, producing these events is never a one person job. The team currently assembled at SWM has been with me for two years now, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made.”

Fans of Herby One Presents are encouraged to bookmark the State Wide Music website and to make connections on Facebook now so as to not miss any of the amazing shows in store.

Notably upcoming from SWM is the Halloween Hoedown featuring The Blind Owl Band from Saranac Lake, NY and Clinton’s Ditch from Rochester, NY at 9:00 p.m. at the V-Pub in Canandaigua.  The following day, SWM presents the Halloween Hangover, which is a free performance by The Blind Owl Band at Dolce Vita in Syracuse, NY at 10:00 p.m.

December 29, 2012 will bring Rubblebucket, Marco Benevento and Driftwood to Water Street Music Hall for the first Winter Boogie.  Three great shows featuring performers you already know and love, all within the first week of existence.  This speaks for great things to come from this freshly minted collective.

SWM is:
Herby One – General Manager
Jeff MacPhee – Stage Manager
Tim Brackett : Sound Production Manager
Jamie Ward : Sound Technician
Jackie Storrs : Marketing Manager
Melissa L. Walker : Publicity Manager

Please contact the above individuals for bookings, promotion, and sponsorship information.  Bands or venues interested in having their project or space featured in UpstateLive can contact Herby directly, or any one of the staff or contributing writing team.  Advertisements in the publication are accepted via contact with Jackie Storrs.

We collectively welcome you to our State Wide Music fan family and hope you have a great time at the next show!



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